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WSRL - Pulse Radio (96.1 DB) is an Urban Contemporary & Top 40s radio station that has a city of license of North Chicago, under ownership of Aidan Christion & Melancholy Island Productions. 

WSRL broadcasts with 3700 watts (3.7 kilowatts) at 96.1 megahertz (MHz) from atop the Willis Tower in Downtown Chicago, and has a studio located in the Presidents Plaza complex on Bryn Mawr Ave.


WSRL uses the slogan "The Beat of Lake County", as it is the 1st and only radio station from the heart of North Chicago, IL. Since it's start in 2005, it has created city-wide buzz for it's video production work for various city events, most notable - Chicago Gay Pride Festival & North Chicago Community Days.

Aidan's vision for Pulse Radio has garnered him, many broadcasting awards, and acknowledgment from various musical artists and city officials.

WSRL-DB currently simulcasts to various digital broadcasting networks, such as TuneIn, RadioLoyalty, OnlineRadioBox, Mixcloud, and more!

Who We Are

Pulse Radio 96.1 is an Online Radio Station created by Aidan Christion of North Chicago, IL in 2005. Since it's beginning, it has created a wide fan-base for it's unique playlist of music, from Unsigned Musical Artists, to Top 40. Pulse Radio - Lake County has something for everyone. Just make sure you're there to see for yourself.


Melancholy Island Productions is a diverse, multimedia company sharing your favorite music, pop culture and news across a variety of platforms. Whether it’s on your phone, desktop, tablet, smart speaker or in your car, our station and websites will enhance your journey.

Melancholy owns or operates 3 radio stations and 8 websites serving 3 markets across the United States. 

we're leading the pack in internet radio

The dawn of internet radio is upon us, and Pulse Radio is taking no prisoners when it comes to streaming. We are something fresh, we are something different and we have the motivation to grow!

listen for 4+ hours

the proof

are between the age of 18-40

tune-ins per month


The traditional 15, 30 and 60 second recorded audio commercials that are played as a pre-roll or midroll on the station. Available on weekly, monthly or quarterly schedules. ​


Pulse 96.1 tries to mix it up a bit, and escape from the normal promotions and put our primary focus on local carnivals, festivals, parade's and various other community events in the Lake County, IL area. Pulse Radio broadcasts the direct feed from live events throughout the United States.


Pulse Radio's primary podcast that showcases local & unsigned musical artists to a wide-range of digital marketing networks and podcast directories across the web


We are always looking to work with local businesses & local musicians. If you have any questions and/or comments regarding services, please do not hesitate to email us. We will respond in a timely manner.

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